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Steps to a Perfect Design:

To create the easiest tour for you, has designed the most simple, efficient and quick mechanism. Mutual communication of ideas and designs are the primary requirements that are necessary as it makes the process easier. Here is a simple guide which is a reference for you to know how the process works and how it can be used to the status of your work at any time.

First process - Creating account

Create a Free Account at by simply registering with We need your account information to communicate with you and keep track of all the progress that has been done so far on your project.

Second process - Design Package Selection

Visit our package plan that suits your budget and requirement. A full graphical portfolio or just a simple Logo Design, we have everything you need.

Third Process - Instructions of project

Here we give and take ideas for the concept of the design you need for your business. All that matters is what your idea behind your business is.

Fourth Process - Payment Process

Once you give out the idea for business, it's time for you to make the payments so that we can start the work. The payment method is completely secure, confidential and according to our 100% satisfaction policy.

Fifth Process - Designing Begins

Our team then comes into play and creates the Initial concept of your design. The team completes the process in less than 24 hours. You would be amazed to see the fineness and professionalism of our team as they are one of the best.

Sixth Process - Choose the one that Suits you the most

From the set of Concept designs, choose the one that suits your Business the most. Depending on your package, you will be given a set of designs for selection of your logo. Do not hesitate to go for something else that can suit more.

Seventh Process - Revision until Satisfaction

This is what that made us so successful in the business. You are given unlimited revisions on the concept you have chosen in the previous step. Our team will be glad to revise the concept until you are 100% satisfied as per our policies. And most important, neither we regret nor charge for any kind of revisions.

Eight Process - Finished copy deliveries

Once you have approved your Business Design, our team will create the final copy of the masterpiece that we have designed for your business. Our team prepares the master-copy of the original and final version of your design and then delivers it to you in different formats. The formats are the standards that are been used in every verticals. After that, you have the complete right to use it as we give all the rights of the design to your company. It becomes your property and then you can use it on various marketing processes.